The only art!

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. This is not just a photographs I try to make. Well, it is when you catch something unbelievably rare and yet it fulfils every thing, and every moment. When you start feel the very life flow, and you see how wonderful it is, and it seems, the Life answers back to you! It talks to you, it sings! And you sense its power and fragility, and joy, and the World. And it is like a blow in your mind that you feel, you owe this moment to the others.

With despair and awe you try to capture something which barely exists, but only remnants can we store on primitive devices. For even the most progressive ones are just a soulless materia. And yet I hope that even those could bring sensation back, once it’s planted like a seeds in somebody’s mind.

The work we do with love is the only Art!